with a surplus of byproduct materials.


looking for more sustainable and regional sourcing.

Material Experts

using technical knowledge and market experience to create diversion opportunities.




Creating solutions

Our team begins by assessing all byproduct streams to better understand the material’s properties, applications, and end-of-life opportunities.

With a passion for closed-loop supply chains, we are driven to finding the perfect material match, even if it means getting a little unorthodox.




Connecting companies

After creating market opportunities for a byproduct, we work with our producers, buyers, and haulers to ensure relationships are lasting and that the material will be transported consistently.

Byproduct Connect will also help coordinate any associated storage, packaging, and transportation logistics.

Calculating Impact

As we look to connect a range of operations, we also look to provide follow-up assessments related to materials and their environmental impacts.

Our Byproduct Material Assessment includes:

  • Material Properties + Application Summary
  • Market Evaluation
  • GHG Emission Summaries (Raw vs Byproduct)
  • Related Policy Updates
  • Government Program Incentives



Welcome to the circular economy.