with a surplus of byproduct material.


looking for more sustainable materials.


Material Experts

using technical knowledge and market experience to create recycling opportunities.




Creating solutions.

Our team begins by assessing the byproduct streams to better understand their properties, applications, and end-of-life opportunities.

By working within our existing network, and exploring new opportunities outside of, our team is committed to finding a perfect fit for all materials.



Connecting companies.

After evaluating the byproduct streams, we work with our buyers, sellers, and distributers to ensure we can create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Once all parties are in place, Byproduct Connect will ensure that all storage, packaging, and transportation logistics are set.


  Calculating Impact.

As we look to connect production processes, we also look to provide analyses on a wide-range of materials.

Our Byproduct Material Assessment includes:

  • Material Properties + Application Summary
  • Market Evaluation
  • Emission Report
  • Related Policy Updates
  • Government Program Incentives



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